Collaborative design, implementation and deployment of IT solutions

Our offer is targeted at enterpreneurs who wish to create custom IT tools to support their own business process or provide advanced services to end users, but do not possess sufficient expertise to develop and deploy such solutions on their own. We ensure comprehensive oversight of all stages of a joint IT project: analysis of requirements, selection of suitable technologies, implementation, deployment and (where required) long-term technical support.

Each stage is executed in close collaboration with our clients - we strive to maintain correspondence between the clients' expectations and the features of the software being developed. As a particularly important aspect of the development process, we regularly deploy prototypes which can be directly validated and commented upon by the client. Our goal is to enable clients to observe how their requirements translate into software features. We also organize training sessions for prospective users of the resulting software solutions.

We specialize in advanced Web-based applications which can be accessed from any device equipped with a Web browser. The SaaS (Software as a Service) model frees the clients from having to install additional software on their own computers. For deployment purposes, we lease computing resources from professional hosting centers (which can be either selected by the client or suggested by us on the basis of client requirements). We monitor the QoS (Quality of Service) parameters of the leased hardware and assume full control over the deployment process. We are also mindful of security aspects: our applications employ state-of-the-art data encryption solutions and professional security certificates.

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