The complexity of the Locus project presented a significant challenge for our young enterprise. Responsible planning and close collaboration with experts in the area of association management, carried out by Spectrum IT representatives, enabled us to successfully deploy this advanced system as a backbone of the services provided to our clients. We were also pleasantly surprised by the professional post-deployment support provided by Spectrum IT.

Marek Gałek, Chief Sales Officer CR Spectrum sp. z o.o.

Accountancy and settlement management system for homeowner associations

The objective of the Locus project was to deliver an IT platform supporting the novel e-service business model of CR Spectrum , a company which outsources financial and accounting operations of homeowner associations. In the scope of the project we developed a distributed IT system providing critical information to CR Spectrum employees as well as to their clients (homeowners and association managers).

The Locus system automates numerous financial and accounting duties incumbent upon homeowner associations: it helps establish utility rates, calculate and dispatch advances, register payments, monitor consumption of utilities, create and track annual economic plans, register premises and business partners, file invoices, generate penalty notices and facilitate secure communication between accountants, managers and homeowners. An important part of the system is a repository of digitized documents, augmented by a set of tools for on-demand generation of reports, notices and notifications to be handed out to association members.

The system comprises four independent user interfaces, differing with respect to the information served and presentation methods - the accountant's panel supports remote ledger operations; manager and community caretaker interfaces provide full insight into the association's financial status, while the homeowner's view helps each owner track the status of their individual obligations. An extensive help system was also prepared for all categories of users, describing the operations available to them within the system. All external user interfaces feature data encryption mechanisms and trusted security certificates.

In the course of development our team also instituted comprehensive data backup procedures. A free, publicly available demo version of the system (in Polish) is deployed at