I would like to congratulate the Spectrum team on the seamless integration of new, advanced features with our existing Internet bookstore. Thanks to their efforts our employees are now able to publish electronic editions of our books without the need to master an entirely new software platform. This, in turn, has enabled us to deploy this novel service (one of the first such systems in Poland) practically "on the fly", reducing our website downtime to a single workday. I am very pleased by our ongoing collaboration on several related projects.

Piotr Paliwoda, Editor-in-Chief TAiWPN UNIVERSITAS

Distribution of electronic books and publications

The goal of the project was to enable the UNIVERSITAS Scientific Paper Authors' and Publishers' Society to extend the scope of its activity to publishing electronic editions of selected books. Initially, the publishing house was in possession of an Internet-based bookstore but that system was not suited to distribution of electronic works. Thus, the publisher requested that the existing bookstore be extended. As an added challenge, the legacy system was devoid of design documentation and no contact could be made with its authors.

As part of the project our team conducted the analysis of potential solutions and proposed a mechanism called Virtual Bookshelf (ViBS), which could be fully integrated with the legacy system (using the so-called Web mashuptechnology), permitting the Publisher to distribute electronic books without having to maintain two separate IT solutions. ViBS can store electronic publications and manage their sale to external clients. Upon being dispatched to the client each publication is enhanced with electronic watermarks, enabling the Publisher to trace its origin. Unlike other similar solutions, ViBS does not simply e-mail books to clients - rather, it provides a persistent, Web-based repository from which clients can retrieve the purchased books at a time of their choosing (after logging in to the Publisher's portal).

In addition to the features described above, our team also implemented a variety of extensions, securing access to the bookstore's administrative interface, integrating the platform with a popular electronic payment system (platnosci.pl), enabling clients to track the status of their orders and providing administrative tools for client queries and statistics. The UNIVERSITAS bookshop can be found at www.universitas.com.pl.