I recommend Spectrum as a professional, small but highly efficient software house. Developing the VHDRS tool required extensive knowledge in the area of HIV treatment as well as the ability to provide a coherent service to a wide range of potential users (including e.g. old browser versions). I am especially thankful for the far-reaching and consistent collaboration on each stage of the design and implementation of this novel tool for medical practitioners.

Peter Sloot, Professor of Computational Science, University of Amsterdam

Treatment strategy recommendations for HIV-positive patients based on genetic virus analysis

The WebVHDRS system was implemented in cooperation with the University of Amsterdam, which collaborates extensively with hospitals and medical laboratories focusing on HIV-positive patient treatment. The objective of the project was to assist end users (clinicians and researchers) in evaluating the resistance factors of specific HIV virus subtypes present in the patient's blood samples. Evaluation takes into account the mutations detected in the genetic sequences of key proteins - reverse transcriptase, integrase and protease.

System enables researchers to specify mutations in the HIV genome and calculates the susceptibility of such mutated viruses to antiretroviral drugs, using the resistance data published by leading research laboratories (Stanford HivDB, RegaDB, ANRS). Analysis results describe the efficacy of chosen drugs against particular virus mutants - these, in turn, help therapists adjust treatment strategies to the health status of their individual patients.

In the scope of the project our team was entrusted with bottom-up design and implementation of a user-friendly web interface and integration of that interface with the treatment assessment software provided by the University of Amsterdam, following a specific application-level protocol. The delivered user interface provides medical practitioners with an easy way to conduct advanced therapy simulations without the need for in-depth IT knowledge.