The Technology Transfer Office system was designed from the ground up to match the requirements of our business. At each step of the process Spectrum has respected our wishes regarding the functionality and interface of the new platform. The resulting system enables us manage and publish our tech offerings in a user-friendly manner.

Kazimierz Murzyn, Managing Director, Krakow LifeScience Cluster

Supporting emerging technologies - from inception to commercialization

The goal of the TTO Platform is to enable the Technology Transfer Office of the Krakow LifeScience Cluster to reach potential clients with the use of a web-based interface.

The platform plays a dual role, acting both as a management system - where officers can conduct their daily work on the development and curation of their assigned offerings - as well as a presentation channel with which information can be delivered to clients and other interested parties. The application ensures control over the development stages of tech offerings by applying the standard StageGate methodology. Furthermore, officers are fully in control over the offering publication process,

Information about tech offerings is delivered to clients with a web-based graphical interface also available for mobile devices. Clients can subscribe to selected offerings whereupon they will receive notifications whenever the status of a given offering changes or new information is published. The system can also generate offering sheets in PDF format. All data is encrypted while in transmission and the system comes equipped with domain-validated security certificate.

Public access to the TTO Platform is available at